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Welcome one and all to the "ask everything" community. First off, this is NOT a rating community. This community is for the purpose of asking ANY random question, whether it be related to sex, relationships, computers, live journal, or any other topic you are curious about.

Any question is allowed, but inappropriate (ie. tasteless, insulting, etc.) questions or comments will be deleted.

Please read the rules before joining

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-This is a rating community that urges you to be yourself. Your REAL personality is key, and is the only way to get stamped.
-Our stamping process is based on your opinions. Likes and dislikes are another way to get a feel for you, but you will not be judged solely on your interests.
- We won't judge you on looks. You are not required to post a photo with your application.
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  1. Be polite. People are asking these questions because they’re curious and they don’t know the answers. There are no stupid questions.
  2. Any member may comment, answer or give their opinion on any question asked.
  3. No application is required, though there is an "intro survey" below if you wish to fill it out, though it is not mandatory.
  4. Please promote as much as possible
  5. Each member is allowed to promote once every two weeks, but the Promo must be under a cut. Otherwise it will be deleted.
  6. Overall, this community is here to help anybody who has a question, so try to do just that.


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